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    VC++.NET Benefits

    Should I move to C++.NET without knowing everything in C++, or it's better to master the old one first?

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    If you already own Visual C++ 6.0 and are still learning the basics of C++, there is no pressing reason to upgrade to Visual C++ .NET (7.0). The main new features include support for "Managed C++" (Microsoft .NET Framework), WinForms, and a few updates to MFC, ATL, and the compiler itself. If you would like to write Managed C++ code, by all means, get Visual C++ .NET; but, if that is unnecessary for you, just stick with whatever version you got right now.

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    Well if you wish you can, its best to stick with something you are comfortable with. if you are only doing this for fun or learning purposes.. but if you want to develope code with the .Net framework, then you have to goto C++ .net...

    you can upgrade regardless even if you dont want to utilize the new compiler options and the .net Framework, but if you are doing MFC then i suggest go for it, there are some improvements that needed to be improved !

    please remember that C++ is a language, regardless of the compiler the basics of the language will always be the same.
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