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    help with iterators


    I have a node defined as

    struct node
       string data;
       int val;
    I have a vector<node> and a list<node>.

    vector<node> vectorName{/* initialized to some value */};
    list<node> listName{/* initialized to some value */};

    I want to run find() on the list<node> for every node in the vector<node>.

    something like

    for(auto itr = vectorName.begin(); itr != vectorName.end(); ++itr)
    auto item = find(listName.begin(), listName.end(), *itr);
    // do something with item
    but I keep getting a compiler error when I try to compile. Looks like I am doing something wrong in the find() call. I understand that itr is pointing to a node in the vector. but shouldn't I be able to pass *itr which is just a node as the third argument to find()?

    This is the error I am getting

    error C2678: binary '==': no operator found which takes a left-hand operand of type 'node' (or there is no acceptable conversion)

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    You need to define how to compare nodes. Something like:
    bool operator==(const node& a, const node& b) {
        return == && a.val == b.val;
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