Thread: copy constructor for a class with an abstract member

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    copy constructor for a class with an abstract member

    Hi everyone!

    This question is related to how implement a copy constructor for a class that has a pointer to an abstract type. Here is an example:

    class MyAbstract
        virtual void abstractMethod() const = 0;
    class UseAbstract
        UseAbstract (MyAbstract *abstract, int b)
            abstract_ = abstract;
            b_ = b;
        UseAbstract (const UseAbstract &other)
            b_ = other.b_;
            //abstract_ = new ??
        MyAbstract *abstract_;
        int b_;

    How can I implement the copy constructor for UseAbstract? I can't create an object for 'MyAbstract'.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Same topic as copy constructor for a class with an abs - C++ Forum
    maybe the solutions works for you as well.

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