Thread: implicit casting?

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    implicit casting?

    I'm doing an exercise which needs to find a percentage of something...
    In the code below, when I initialise x with 100.0 / 8.0 it the output is correct, however. If I write x = 100 / 8 it says 10.64. I know its something to do with the values written as integers but what is the computer actually doing here?

    Many thanks
    int main()
        //double input;
        double price = 128.0;
        double x;
            x = 100.0 / 8.0;
            price/= x;
            cout << "Price with 8% discount: " <<  price << endl;
        return 0;

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    When both the operands of a division are integers, C performs integer division. Integer division simply ignores the fractional part of the result.
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    Pretty sure a proper discount would be price *= (1.0 - x); 10.64 ought to be the amount you save, and not the final price.

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