Thread: Arguments up constructor tree?

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    Arguments up constructor tree?

    Still toying with inheritance, and another Q:

    How would I go about declaring an instance of a subclass and send a constructor argument to the constructor of a base class?

    Specifically I need to modify a data member, declared as private in a base class. I think this requires the use of that class' constructor, but if I apply the argument to the derived class' constructor, I get a no matching funciton to call. If I try to have the derived class' constructor be overloaded to accept an argument, and change the data member, it tells me I can't touch a data member from outside of the class.


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    class base {
    	int baseInt;
    	base(int j) : baseInt(j) { }
    class derived: public base{
    	double derivedDouble;
    	derived(double d, int j) : base(j), derivedDouble(d) { }
    int main() {
    	base b(0);
    	derived d(3.14159265, 2);
    	return 0;
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