Thread: Can you create your own driver for a USB device?

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    Smile Can you create your own driver for a USB device?

    I have recently learned C++ and C#. That is, I have taken courses to understand the basics of them and now want to start using them for professional work. I have said I want to take on projects that push me to learn a lot more about these vast programming languages. I have a hardware device name Griffin PowerMate. It is a USB knob/wheel that can be helpful controlling a computer. For some reason, it does not have great support on Window 7, 10. It does have a driver for Window XP and Vista. I cannot get this device to do what I want in Windows 10. However, on a Mac computer, the driver is up to date and does everything I want. So, to me this proves what I want on the Windows side is possible. Is it likely to think that without an SDK from the company I could use C++ or even C# to create a driver for this device? I realize this is a C++ forum. However, I think the person qualified to answer this would be here. Thanks

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    Have you browsed the official Windows tutorials on the subject?
    Getting started with Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs
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