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    variable not working

    Hi, I'm trying to write a class and one thing isn't working. I'm trying to save a few variables to use later, but it isn't working. If i don't try to use the variable 'CS' but a number directly it works. Can someone point out what I am doing wrong. I tried to include only the functions that are used. The class is defined like this:
    class ADS
        void PinMap(int cs, int drdy, int reset, int start); // saves all the variables that are declared in ADS.c
        void Initialize(); // start spi and prepare pins    
        void pindown(); // used to test
        // for pic portability
        void pinc(int pin, int lvl); 
        void pint(int pin, int type);// pinmode - 0 out, 1 in
    ADS.c looks like this:
    void ADS::PinMap(int cs, int drdy, int reset, int start)
    { CS, DRDY, RESET, START = cs, drdy, reset, start; }
    void ADS::Initialize(){
        pint(CS, 0);
        pint(DRDY, 1); // PIN TYPE INPUT
        pinc(CS, 1);
        pint(START, 0); // PIN TYPE OUTPUT
        pinc(START, 1); // PIN LOGIC STATE 1
        pint(RESET, 0); // PIN TYPE OUTPUT
        pinc(RESET, 1); // PIN LOGIC STATE 1
    void ADS::pindown()
        //pint(2,0); // IF I use a number istead of CS it works throughout the code
        pinc(CS, 0);
    void ADS::pinc(int pin, int lvl)
        if (lvl == 1)
            digitalWrite(pin, HIGH);
        if (lvl == 0)
            digitalWrite(pin, LOW);
    void ADS::pint(int pin, int type)
        if (type == 1)
            pinMode(pin, INPUT);
        if (type == 0)
            pinMode(pin, OUTPUT);

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    CS, DRDY, RESET, START = cs, drdy, reset, start
    This isn't how you assign 4 variables with 4 values.
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