Thread: byte routine not working

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    byte routine not working

    ok i am making a byte routine taht searches for a particular byte in a string of bytes. All the addresses of the found bytes are stored in an array. But its not working and i cant figure out why. Please tell me what i have done wrong:

    char *cptr = strchr(bytebuffy, searchnum);
    					while(cptr != NULL)
    						int a = cptr - bytebuffy;
    						Addresses1[g_FoundCount + 1] = readbase + a;
    						cptr = strchr(bytebuffy + a, searchnum);
    when this runs the windows program just hangs and stops responding as if the while loop wont stop looping

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    > int a = cptr - bytebuffy
    And if this is 0, then

    > cptr = strchr(bytebuffy + a, searchnum);
    Is going to give you the same answer as last time

    Restart your search from the character after the one you've just found.

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    It would be easier to do this using the string class.

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    Change this line:
    cptr = strchr(bytebuffy + a, searchnum);
    cptr = strchr(bytebuffy + a + 1, searchnum);
    Hello, everyone.

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