Thread: strings and file i/o

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    Question strings and file i/o

    Hi all,

    I have what is hopefully a simple question:

    I'm reading input from a file with the usual statement:

    ifstream infile("input.txt");

    The file contains simple statements of 2 or 3 words, separated by spaces, one statement per line.

    How can I get the input from the file in string format? I have tried every C++ trick I can think of (and even a few that I don't really understand!) but still can't get it to work. I need strings so that I can compare substrings to pre-defined variables

    - infile.getline(...) doesn't work, it needs an array of char's as it's first parameter, not a string
    - infile >> string_name doesn't work because the string is cut off at the first space

    Is it possible?


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    Global getline() will take a string as an argument -

    ifstream fin("yourFile");
    string str;

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    Lightbulb strings and file I/O


    char arr[30]//depends upon the number os characters in ur file.
    ifstream infile("input.txt",ios::in);

    there u have it..ur problem solved.!

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