Hi folks, I need really fast SVG renderer for my nodejs program (for ubuntu 17.04)
Fastest solution I have for now is rsvg library, which uses cairo.

But I need faster, and I found GitHub - rev22/svgl: Render SVG graphics with OpenGL (library)
This lib renders SVG using OpenGL and I hope it will be faster
(If someone know it will not - please stop me)

I tried to build this library on my Ubuntu 17.04 PC but failed somewhere in the beginning of the way. This lib depends on GLFT library, and I built it successfully,
but make procedure of SVGL expect some artifacts (something with name glft-config) in build dir of GLFT and cannot find it.

So my questions:
- is it difficult to revive this SVGL library in modern Ubuntu?
- what's the chances this lib is actually faster than RSVG?
- is it difficult to improve this simple converter program
svgl/svg2raster.cpp at master * rev22/svgl * GitHub
to make it accept SVG string from STDIN and output rendered png to STDOUT?
(for now it works with files only)

I don't know C/C++, but know C#/Javascript/PHP - so how long it will take to gain basic knowledge level of C++, to be able to implement things I described above?

Or, if I'll try to find some C++ freelancer, how much it may cost?(how much personally you will take for such task)

If you wondering why do I need it:
I want to implement vectorizing of raster images using genetic algorythm, so I need a LOT af rendered SVG to compare with original image, and my first test shows the rendering of SVG is a bottleneck.