Thread: Why Classes??

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    Question Why Classes??

    I have read about using Class But I doesn't understand Why to use Class??
    I mean if I will creat a Class that contain 2 funcs and 5 varibles
    what will be worse if I creat 2 func and 5 varibles outside a class
    and not useing class???
    [ I does not refuse using Classes But doesn't understand Why?]

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    Because classes help you see programming-type problems in a "real world" way - for example, it is more "natural" to have an account object in a banking application that handles it's own withdrawal and deposit methods than to have that code scattered around in various places. Also, classes encapsulate, or hide code from a user of the class, so that in theory it is easy to upgrade the code for a class without "breaking" the code that uses it.

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    Because if you 'write' a class to do a specific task(such calculate the surface of a circle) and you need it someday in another project, well the class you've wrtie will work in any programs.... if you don't do it in a class, well you'll have to re-write everything to make it fit into your program....

    a class is reusable...

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    ....and if you write it properly, to allow you to inherit it, to allow you to use it to calculate the area of a square, or rhomboid, or whatever.
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    One nice thing is that you can do this:

    class c {
    int anint;
    char array[50];
    void func();
    int func2(int a);
    //and then do
    c classarray[50];
    //instead of creating 50 of each variable and function

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