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    Angry calculator??

    I want to make claculator that reciev the equation and after he puts '=' the calculator give him the answer..
    I created 2D array of chars... I want to fill the first column UNTIL the user puts operation (+ or - or * or /) if the prog. recieve oper. it will goto the next column..until now I didn't success Why??

    int i,u=0;
    for (i=0 i<13;i++)
    if (num[u][i]=='+')//I'll do the same with (- * / )
    }until (num[u][i]=='=');


    OK this is general idia about the prog.. Where is the problem??
    (don't care about defining variables)

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    Do you care about defining arrays?


    I think you best bet would be using a string and then just input the entire thing the user enters and go from there.
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