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    Unhappy non-external declarations...


    I have an application with 2 .cpp files. I want to be able to have identical Function names in each file (a function called myfunc() in both).

    Also I want to be able to make my variables to be visible from only in .cpp file that they were declared in.

    is the auto specifier supposed to do this? when i tried putting that on my variables it said it was invalid.

    any help would be great.
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    am not sure if it's possible to have two exactly similar function name in a single project because by default, functions are declared extern...,

    but with varaibles, they aren't, if you want to use the global variable across multiple cpps, then you should declare it extern so maybe, you can use a exactly the same global variable here and another global variable there

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    Look up namespace and using namespace keywords. They handle what you like to do.

    small example:
    namspace apa{
        int A(){
    namespace bepa{
        int A(){
    using namespace apa;
    A(); // apa::A()
    apa::A(); //still works

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