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    lan monitoring

    would like to know how to monitor a lan computer. this is for a neighbor who has a 14 year old doughter that chats on yahoo. they are worried about what she is doing. VNC would be perfect, but, it lets the user know that its running in the background, and they dont wont her to know that they are watching her. there are only two computers, the parents and there daughters, which is connected through internet connection sharing..i think i can use winsocks, but dont know much more than that.i dont even know where to begin on this. any starting help would be appreciated

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    what about spyware?

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    lan monitoring

    they tried one, and they said that it would do good for a few minutes, then boom, skip 10 minutes of monitoring.they said they paid $70 for it, said it was junk lol. anyway, iv looked at most of that software and a lot of them do nothing more than take snapshots every so often, that will not work

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    I made a keylogger in VB a long time ago. It uses DirectX 8.0 and a Callback Event to gather keys pressed. It will record what application you type things in and it is hidden from the user, will start up with the pc and afew other things. It doesnt email the LOG file... but we could make it do that too. Sadly I cannot do all of these things in VC++ yet.

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