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    Setting File Attributes

    Anybody know how to set file attributes at runtime? Like if I wanted to create a hidden file, or make a file an archive after I've written to it.

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    # include <stdlib>
    using std::system;


    system ("attrib +h filename.txt");


    + sets an attribute
    - clears an attribute
    R read-only file attribute.
    A Archive File attribute.
    S system File attribute
    H hidden file attribute
    /S processes all file in all directories in specified path

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    hmm I was hoping to find some way to do it without system, but if that's the only way..

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    I know that there are API calls for it. I have only ever used them to get the attributes and file information so far. Check out

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    Hello, everyone.

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    there is a chmod() to do that. forgot which header... dos.h/dir.h dont remember.

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