Thread: Recommendations youtube channel ?

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    Recommendations youtube channel ?


    I am going to start to give C++ at university.

    Anyone recommend a good youtube channel for that ?

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    Youtube - using GBytes of bandwidth to transmit KBytes of information.

    Accelerated C++ and a couple of other good books (see the list at the top of the forum) will be far more useful than hour after hour of low-quality jabber from people who barely know what they're talking about (even assuming they speak recognisable English).
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    I agree with Salem about the quality of many so called tutorials on YouTube.
    The only exception are the talks of Bjarne Strostrup. They might not meant for beginners but might give you some ideas about modern C++.

    Bjarne Stroustrup - The Essence of C++ - YouTube
    Stroustrup - C++11 - YouTube
    CppCon 2015: Bjarne Stroustrup “Writing Good C++14” - YouTube

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