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    Question Characters in an Array

    I've been writting a text adventure game and need help with array manipulation. My problem is that I have it so an item and/or monster will be specified to be placed in a certain sector within the array. Lets use a ghost and graveyard for the example....

    I just want the program to understand that the graveyard is the
    only place that the ghost can roam. How do I get it to understand that The Graveyard is where it can go, not...[0][1], [0][2], [0][3], [0][4],ect...............

    How can the program read an array's text (char) information and not the action numbered sectores ([1][3])

    To help understand......

    My array is set up like so....
    text[0][51][0] = "Dragon Fields";
    text[1][51][0] = "Dragon Fields";
    text[2][51][0] = "A pond";
    text[3][51][0] = "Dragon Fields";
    text[4][51][0] = "A old-looking tree";
    text[5][51][0] = "A cabin";
    text[6][51][0] = "Dragon Fields";
    Once again, how can the program read I want a dragon roaming in sectors [0][51], [1][51], [3][51], and [6][51]. I just want to put in statment that will tell them that "Dragon Fields" is the only place they can roam. I would do it the other way but this is a 10,000 sector array and would take me forver to enter each sector. Thankyou for your time. Hope you can help.

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    try using an if statement to see if text[x][y][z] == 'Dragon Fields' and only move if it does

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    Arrow Nope

    That doesn't work.

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    >>try using an if statement to see if text[x][y][z] == 'Dragon Fields' and only move if it does

    The concept works just fine. The Syntax is just wrong. You're looking for:

    if (strcmp(text[x][y][0], "Dragon Fields") == 0) //etc

    You cant compare strings with ==, you have to use strcmp() or something simular.

    >>Dont cross post!

    I second that. Its against board rules. The other post was in the Game board under "Unregistered". Took me a second to find it actually. Please dont do that.
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