Thread: Build installation package help?

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    Build installation package help?

    I have recently started learning C++. It is going very well, and I am enjoying it. As I am learning, I would like to start experimenting with C++ hopefully doing useful stuff that it does well. I have a database (FileMaker) that has some dependencies. What I mean is every time I set it up on a computer I have to create directories with dependent files. I have to install some packages like ImageMagick, GhostScript, and mtn (these are installs via exe files). I imagine that all of these dependent things can be in one package. The package I would build would make an install to save time and automate the tasks. Can anyone suggest info or guides to accomplish a task like this in C++. I can work with it from the command line or Visual Basic, or even on my Mac in Xcode. Thanks

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    To be honest, it would be easier with an installer like Nullsoft Scriptable Install System - Wikipedia

    MoveFile File Management Functions (Windows)
    CreateDirectory Directory Management Functions (Windows)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Salem View Post
    it would be easier
    Thanks this is nice learn about. I like apps like this cool. I am more interested in trying things in C++ than getting things done easy. I will try to learn more about the classes you linked to. They are helpful. Thanks

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