Thread: How can I launch an installed software with C++ ?

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    How can I launch an installed software with C++ ?

    Hello guys
    I am a beginner of C and C++. I am trying to make a program which will be able to open/launch my necessary applications/software. I have did it with ShellExecute() to launch my applications. But with ShellExecute() I will need to add all of my applications path one by one. Can I do this without writing all of my application's path ? For example : If I will write "chrome" then the program will find the chrome.exe and will open it..

    Any suggestions and example code ??

    thanks in advance.

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    Well, in Windows it gets complicated because a program doesn't necessarily add its directory to the PATH when it's installed. You could do it manually, by parsing the Program Files folders and searching for e.g "chrome.exe". That of course can be quite complicated if it's your first type using the Windows API for files.
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