Thread: Float stray '302' in program і stray '240' in program?

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    Float stray '302' in program і stray '240' in program?

    Kind all daypart! Here strange errors
    E:\GRAF\Zvjyazuvannya\Zvjyazuvannya1\Exclude.h|13| error : stray '\302' in program|
    E:\GRAF\Zvjyazuvannya\Zvjyazuvannya1\Exclude.h|13| error : stray '\240' in of program|

    Error floating. And often get on closed, blindfolded text.

    I tried a line with an error to cut out, to delete, an error becomes into place of new line
    but with the same number.

    I cut out all top of file, and however an error remained in a fourth line, always in a line number four.

    And today, after the restart of computer, the same error now in a line number thirteen.

    It is floating errors, and I can not localize them.

    That such these stray '\302' in program and stray '\240' in program?

    That do they from itself present?

    What do they look like? As them search them?

    /* Exclude.h — Определения переменных для исключения ненужных заголовочных файлов. За дополнительными разъяснениями обратитесь в [30]. */
        #define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN
        Весьма эффективная мера, уменьшающая размер предварительно скомпилированного
        заголовочного файла (pch) почти в два раза.
        Эти определения также
        уменьшают размер pch-файла и
        уменьшают время компиляции.
        Все программы в данной книге будут компилироваться с этими определениями. От использования средств защиты можно отказаться при помощи оператора #define NOSECURITY. */ 
        #define NOATOM
        #define NOCLIPBOARD
        #define NOCOMM
        #define NOCTLMGR
        #define NOCOLOR
        #define NODEFERWINDOWPOS
        #define NODESKTOP
        #define NODRAWTEXT
        #define NOEXTAPI
        #define NOGDICAPMASKS
        #define NOHELP
        #define NOICONS
        #define NOTIME
        #define NOIMM
        #define NOKANJI
        #define NOKERNEL
        #define NOKEYSTATES
        #define NOMCX
        #define NOMEMMGR
        #define NOMENUS
        #define NOMETAFILE
        #define NOMSG
        #define NONCMESSAGES
        #define NOPROFILER
        #define NORASTEROPS
        #define NORESOURCE
        #define NOSCROLL
        #define NOSERVICE
        #define NOSHOWWINDOW
        #define NOSOUND
        #define NOSYSCOMMANDS
        #define NOSYSMETRICS
        #define NOSYSPARAMS
        #define NOTEXTMETRIC
        #define NOWH
        #define NOWINDOWSTATION
        #define NOWINMESSAGES
        #define NOWINOFFSETS
        #define NOWIMSTYLES
        #define OEMRESOURCE
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    Which script or which program should you extract at once all the stray '\ ' in program ?? After all, I do not see in notepad.

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    I would suggest you try without any of the Russian characters in comments first.

    Also, get a better editor than notepad.

    Perhaps notepad++ (ask google).
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    Yes. It just made copy-paste with the mouse, from the book.

    I don't agree with Russian comments. This is not a bug. The compiler is obliged to ignore, not to perceive that for slashes.

    Error floats. It may even be in another file. Wrong error message.

    What is in-hex-format to look stray '\302' in program|, stray '\240' in program?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dmy View Post
    What is in-hex-format to look stray '\302' in program|, stray '\240' in program?
    It's octal.
    302oct = 3 * 8 * 8  +  0 * 8  +  2 = 194 = 0xC2
    240oct = 2 * 8 * 8  +  4 * 8  +  0 = 160 = 0xA0
    Interpretting this as UTF-8
    C    2    A    0
    1100 0010 1010 0000  =>  000 1010 0000 = 0xA0
    Unicode code point A0 is NBSP (non-breaking space).

    Assuming that the NBSP characters occur between #define and the macro names, you could use a decent editor (not Notepad! get Notepad++, instead), copy one of those characters, and do a global replace with a regular space (using the spacebar).

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    Thanks!!! Thanks!!! Grandiosely great thank you !!
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