Thread: help needed (arrays)

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    help needed (arrays)

    i been asked to create a program in which you enter 2 numbers to four different classes ( car, van, SUV, truck) and the amount (the 2 num)
    ( X, 20)
    and to get out of the loop you have to type EOF.

    Please help me!

    #include <iostream.h>
    int main ()
    char class;
    int amount, count;
    for (count=0; count<999; ++count)
    cout<<"please enter your class"endl;
    cout<<"please enter the amount"<<endl;

    now how can i display all of the amounts by each class? and the totals of them?
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    You really should have paid attention to your teacher. "class" is obviously supposed to be just that: a class. I'm guess something like:

    class TestClass
       char ClassType;
       int ClassValue;
      //put your other member functions here

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