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    Exclamation Please read and help!

    Sorry, this question is not about C++, but I think it will not be hard to give me tip in VB programming.
    I do not got MSDN so I am left without some good peace of information. Anyway I have achieved very good results...
    So, my problem is that I reallly can't understand how to get know these arguments neccessary for DLL, for example:

    Private Declare Function GetMenu Lib "User32" (???) As Long

    Please, if someone knows how to find out these ??? then post an answer. I can get commands (like GetMenu), entry points etc. with Dependency Walker, but I can't get those arguments, unless I find them in other source-code!

    I think it is possible to find it somewhere in internet, but I didn't have luck.

    Please help!

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    You question has already been answered here.

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