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    Linked Lists

    Can someone please check and see if im on the right track with this linked list? If i am completely wrong, can you please put me on the right track? :-D

    PHP Code:
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;

    typedef struct _Node {
    char *name;
    int age;

    struct _Node *next;

    NODE *root;


    bool AddNode(char *tNameint tAge);
    bool DelNodeName(char *tName);
    bool DelNodeAge(int tAge);

    bool LinkedList::AddNode(char *tNameint tAge)
    NODE *temp;

    temp temp->next;

    NODE *NewNode;
    NewNode = new NODE;
    NewNode temp->next;
    temp->next NewNode;
    NewNode->name tName;
    NewNode->age tAge;


    bool LinkedList::DelNodeAge(int tAge)
    NODE *temp;

    temp root;

    temp->next->age != tAge)
    temp temp->next;
    temp->next temp->next->next;

    delete temp->next;


    int main(int argcchar *argv[])

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    > NODE *root;
    This should be a class member

    > bool LinkedList::AddNode(char *tName, int tAge)
    NODE *temp;
    temp is uninitialised
    And I see no point in always returning true

    PHP Tags do not make for good source code posting
    bool LinkedList:<img src="images/smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0" alt="">elNodeAge
    (whatever that is)
    You need to be especially carefull when
    - there is only one node in the list
    - when the node being deleted is at the head/tail of the list

    The usual loop for linked lists is
        NODE *temp = root;
        while ( temp != NULL ) {
            // do stuff with node
            temp = temp->next;
    Which easily copes with empty lists, lists with one element etc

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    I don't understand why you are using a C style struct in the same program as a C++ type class. Use a C++ type struct instead. Or, if you prefer, create a class to implement the node instead, since the only difference between a struct and a class in C++ is what default access the members have.

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