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    i have noticed that in some compilers the C++ language differs fairly from one another. WHY IS THS????

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    Because different people have produced them?

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    The integral features are usually the same, however all the compiler added features(libs and what not) are for the reason stated above.

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    mainly cuz they are desgned for different OS
    and the best compiler is CODEWARRIOR
    on both MACs and WIN, dont know about linux.

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    >i have noticed that in some compilers the C++ language differs
    >fairly from one another. WHY IS THS????

    There is a ANSI C++ standard. Compilers should support this standard, but most of them don't. A lot of compilers have their specific additions to C++ or implement just a subset of C++. This is not only with C++, but also with other languages.

    There are several reasons for this:
    1. Some companies think they know better and change C++ in such a way they think is the best.
    2. Some applications don't make use of all C++ stuff, so the compilers for these applications have only a subset of C++.

    There are probably more reasons.

    >mainly cuz they are desgned for different OS

    The ANSI standards are OS-independant. A C++ or C program which is conform the ANSI standard, can be compiled on whatever OS if the used compiler is ANSI compliable.

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