Thread: Router Constructor Design Advice

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    Router Constructor Design Advice

    Hey guys,

    I'm really getting into the cpprestsdk. Now, one thing I need to build for this to be successful is a router.

    Their `http_req` class has a very nice `relative_uri` function which I can use and I know how to split a string by a special character so I was going to internally implement this as something like a prefix tree.

    Regardless of that, what's a good way of initially constructing this router? Ideally I'd like construction to handle the mapping between a URI and a dedicated handler, in this case a handler is just a simple callable object that takes a http request.

    Should I use a vector of pairs of uris and callables? Is it okay to force the user to basically type:

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    Nevermind, I guess this thread is probably gonna `join` pretty soon XD

    Basically, I've decided to just use something like:
    router.route("/api/users/rawr", http_method, some_callable);
    router.get("/api/users/photos", some_other_callable);
    And then to break up route-building, functions can simply just take a router by reference and mutate it there.

    I've also decided on using a trie-like approach for the routing scheme and am excited to fold in everything I've learned doing Node into C++

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