Thread: Hello fellow coders.

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    Cool Hello fellow coders.

    I would like to introduce myself, ujunwa. Being fairly new to C programming I hope to form friendships and learn to code more effienciently each day. Any suggestions/tip/tutorials you would like to share would be greatly appreciated

    edit: Sorry if this post is in the wrong thread, please feel free to move appropriately.

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    Hi and welcome. You're in the right place!

    Are you looking to learn C or C++? They really are quite different, and there is some debate about which one a beginner should learn first, but I'll recommend regular C. There's a lot of tutorials here on this board about C here.

    Also, if your looking to learn C++ then this is the correct forum, but if you have questions about regular C, then please post into the C (not C++) forum.

    Good luck.

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