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    embedded linux

    I will be going to work in Qt-framework using C++ and qt in Embedded Linux device.
    I do not have clear knowledge in Embedded Linux(EL). could you suggest me how can i start to learn EL.
    please suggest me any books or website for beginner (quick and startup)
    Though I will work in User interface layer, i would like to understand the device.Even if there is anything to communicate with the device it will be useful.Anyway i will send the data to the device only
    Thank you.

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    > Anyway i will send the data to the device only
    So it's a black box with an interface (serial, parallel, USB, network) then.

    You only need to worry about the protocol(s) for the communication link.

    Google is your friend.
    As is any documentation you have on the specific device in question.
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