Thread: C++ 11: remove from array?

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    C++ 11: remove from array?

    Hello everyone, I think I've read somewhere that C++ would allow me to use a 'remove' function to get rid of an element of the array?

    Am I right?

    What would be the syntax for something like that?

    Hopping to clarify more, what I would like to do is something like:

    int myarr = [1,2,3,4];

    result in something like this: myarr[1,3,4]

    Thank you.
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    Not sure what you mean exactly... the array container does not have erase capabilities. But if your container can erase, its member functions for that has a consistent interface.
    vector<type> v;
    v.erase(v.begin() + 2); // erase item in position 2.
    v.erase(v.begin() + 2, v.end()); // erase items in the range of position 2 to the end.
    So you can erase a range of things or a single item in containers.

    I see. Wherever you heard this from, they were probably talking about the erase-remove idiom, and not everything (certainly not C arrays) can do it.
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    Just to clarify: You probably want to use vector as it is a dynamic array--its size can change at runtime. That way, you can add and remove elements from it, unlike static arrays (std::array, C-style arrays). Whiteflags has shown you how.
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    thank you @whiteflags

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    @Elysia yeah, that's probably what I'm after. Thank you.

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