Thread: method of halving the intervals

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    method of halving the intervals

    I'm having some trouble with figuring out how to write a certain program. the program i am supposed to write is meant to read in values from a data file and use those methods to find the roots of a quartic equation (x^4+3*x^3......+4) using the method of halving the interval. I believe i have the right code to obtain values from a data file, but don't know how to proceed from there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    This is what i have so far.

    #include "stdafx.h"
    int main()
        double  upperlimit, lowerlimit, b, c, d, e;
        double high, root;
        FILE *inp;
        int file_open = fopen_s(&inp, "U:\\GENG1003\\data.dat", "r");
        int file_read = fscanf_s(inp, "%lf %lf %lf %lf %lf %lf", &b, &c, &d, &e, &lowerlimit, &upperlimit);
        if (file_read == 6)
            printf("For quartic polynomial a=1; b=%lf; c=%lf; d=%lf; e=%lf \n", b, c, d, e);
            printf("Within the domain of %lf < x < %lf \n", lowerlimit, upperlimit);
            high = upperlimit;
            printf("Invalid data \n");
        return 0;
    Thank you.

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