Thread: Good learning materials for a beginner

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    Good learning materials for a beginner

    I'm planning on learning C++ soon so that I could eventually start learning about Graphics Programming down the road. But,
    a lot of the book recommendations and materials I've found on the forum seem rather outdated, so I was wondering if anyon could recommend some good books or resources for learning C++ as a beginner that's perhaps a bit more up to date? Something that's suitable for someone new?

    While I do have some experience with Python, I'm however still not a very experienced programmer and completely new to the C family of languages.

    In addition, I have looked at stackoverflow's definitive book list for C++ and have browsed this forum a bit as well, but the opinions on them seem varied from person to person.

    Does anyone have a book they would recommend by any chance? And I do like that there's so many tutorials on this forum, but which one would you guys recommend?

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    C++11's ubiquity is growing by the day so it shouldn't be too hard to find more modern practices being used. If anything, just google "modern C++" and you should get a rundown on a lot of what C++11 brought to the table. There were also a ton of STL components added so just looking through the documentation on something like can be a huge boon.

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    I learned C++ from forums, free tutorials, trial and error. I'm currently reading C++ Primer because I wanted to close some gaps in my understanding. I think the book is well structured and not repetitive, so you can advance a lot with each chapter. It's sufficiently up to date too. It also contains many notes about best practices and pitfalls, which I think is nice. So if you're looking to work with a book, that's one I would recommend.

    As an appetizer, I also found a helpful resource. Do make sure you steer clear of outdated tutorials and programmers – I have always gotten the impression that there's a fairly strong consensus on what modern C++ looks like, so you needn't be at the mercy of different opinions. Just stick to a group of people who know what they're talking about. This very forum happens to be well staffed in this regard.
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