Followed the steps mentioned here : Building Secure ASP.NET Applications: Authentication, Authorization, and Secure Communication

I followed below steps :
step 1. Created a self signed certificate and installed on server.
step 2. Attach the certificate to sql server(sql configuration manager->certificate, force encryption to true)
step 3. Export the certificate from server and import to client machine
step 4. Enable the force protocol encryption to true at client machine(sql server client network utility->force protocol encryption)
step 5. Build connection string with Use Encryption For Data=True
step 6. Run the application.

I am seeing all the connection which is being established with server is SSL secured.It doesn't bother whether the certificate is installed on client or not. The connection only depends on server certificate.i.e if server certificate is installed it is creating SSL connection otherwise not.

Connection string is :
CString SSlcon_string = "provider=SQLOLEDB;Use Encryption For Data=True;TrustServerCertificate=No;server=Myserve r;Database=MyDatabase";

I want only my client to validate the certificate and then only create connection otherwise fail to create connection.i.e if certificate is installed on client then only it should create SSL Connection. Please help, Thanks in advance !!!