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    Thumbs up pointers

    hello guys,
    here is my problem, pls go through.
    pls tell me the answer and ***why***

    int *p,*q;
    p=(int *)1000;
    q=(int *)2000;

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    If you use p = (int *)1000; you tell the compiler that you want to set p to point to memory address 1000. You should use *p = 1000; and *q = 2000;

    Because the memory addresses are of an integer type, the output given will still be 1000, but the value pointed to by p will not be 1000 and the value pointed to by q will not be 2000.

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    Some kind of forced pointer difference exercise

    The answer is 500 (if sizeof(int)==2)
    The answer is 250 (if sizeof(int)==4)

    There's a 1000 bytes between p and q, but pointer difference (q-p) returns the number of ints between the two pointers

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