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    Reading and outputting BST

    In text processing, it is common to study the number of distinct words used in the text together with their word counts. You can assume that all the words are in lowercase and no punctuation marks are in the text; and we would like to use BST to store and to sort all the distinct words.

    Open this infile.txt to read text and store in binary tree

    you can fool some of the people
    some of the times and all of the people some of
    the times and not all of the people all of them times
    fool some of you and not all of you

    Here is my code, a BST (Binary search tree) code that read infile.txt and output the number of distinct words in the infile.txt.

    // A BST with duplicated nodes
    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    using namespace std;
    const int MAX = 100; 
    const char fileName [MAX] = "infile.txt";
    class BST
            BST ();
            void insert (char);
            void print () const;
            struct Node;
            typedef Node* NodePtr;
            struct Node
                char word;
                int count;
                NodePtr left, right;
            NodePtr root;
            void insert (NodePtr&, char);
            void inorderPrint (const NodePtr&) const;
    int main ()
        BST t;
        fstream afile;
        char item;
        (fileName, ios::in); // open to read
        if (!afile) {
            cout << "Error, file cannot be opened" << endl;
        while (afile >> item)
            t.insert (item);
        t.print ();     
    BST::BST ()
        root = NULL;
    void BST::insert (char item)
        insert (root, item);
    void BST::print () const
        inorderPrint (root);
    void BST::insert (NodePtr& root, char item)
        if (root == NULL)
            NodePtr temp = new Node;
            temp -> word = item;
            temp -> count = 1;
            temp -> left = NULL;
            temp -> right = NULL;
            root = temp;
        else if (root -> word == item)
            (root -> count)++;
        else if (root -> word > item)
            insert (root -> left, item);
            insert (root -> right, item);          
    void BST::inorderPrint (const NodePtr& root) const
        if (root != NULL)
            inorderPrint (root -> left);
            cout << root -> word << "\t"
                 << root -> count
                 << " times"
                 << endl;
            inorderPrint (root -> right);
    But it produced this result

    Reading and outputting BST-screenshot_5-jpg

    Instead of this

    Upon execution of your program, the following table is displayed on screen; as can be seen that the words (left column) are sorted in order:

    Reading and outputting BST-screenshot_4-jpg

    I am really a newbie on this, I really hope someone can enlighten me on this.
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    Well all your nodes and input functions use char rather than strings.

    > char item;
    > while (afile >> item)

    void insert (char);

    void insert (NodePtr&, char);

    So yes, you only see single chars and not whole words.

    But then again, it does look like a copy/paste hatchet job on someone else's old code
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