Thread: I'm a beginner..Please help me

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    Futant King

    Cool I'm a beginner..Please help me

    I am a beginner, so I'm sorry if this question seems a bit moronic.

    I am making a small program, and things are going along fine...that is until the program ends. I want my program to stay open, and close only when the "X" button in the corner is clicked. However, my program reaches the end and automatically terminates. The person useing the program has no time to even read the final message! Please help, it would be very much appreciated.

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    add a getchar() after the message.
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    Thank you...I'll try that.

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    in msvc++ its _getch(); , in other compilers it might be different. include conio.h

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    system calls are slow...but in this case it doesn't matter.

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