Thread: Remove duplicates and save to txt

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    Remove duplicates and save to txt

    Hello everybody, i've been trying to write a code that must open a .txt file with a huge vector (int only), then it will remove duplicates and save it again to another .txt file. Problem is when i run it, i only get an empty .txt file. Can you guys help me figure out what am i missing here?

    int i=0;
    int main()
        using namespace std;
        ifstream in_file("Ifile.txt");
        ofstream out_file("Ofile.txt");
            std::vector<int> vec;
            for(i; in_file >> i;i++)
                std::unique(vec.begin(), vec.end()),
                std::sort(vec.begin(), vec.end());
                cout << i;
                auto v = vec;
                std::copy(begin(v), end(v), std::ostream_iterator<int>(std::cout, "Ofile.txt"));

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    Since you intend to use standard generic algorithms and iterators, perhaps you should do so all the way, e.g.,
    auto vec = std::vector<int>(std::istream_iterator<int>(in_file), std::istream_iterator<int>());
    sort(begin(vec), end(vec));
    vec.erase(unique(begin(vec), end(vec)), end(vec));
    copy(begin(vec), end(vec), std::ostream_iterator<int>(std::cout, "\n"));
    I switched the sort and erase+unique calls because you probably want to sort so that unique will remove duplicates that were not originally adjacent in the file. The second argument to the ostream_iterator is a delimiter, not a filename.

    If you do want to use i and the loop, then you probably should declare i just before the loop, then use a while loop whose sole purpose is to push_back into the vector. You should not be doing the sorting, erasing, and printing within the loop.
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    Oh, thanks a lot laserlight, it was really helpful!

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    If you do not care about the order of the output, consider using std::set.
    Just reading in the elements and then printing them will discard duplicates.
    The catch is that the result will be sorted.

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