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    A message to Liam Battle

    Forgive me for being rude Liam, but I need your help a bit more desperately than desperate.

    In my thread called "Changing the character output" you said that you've "...done it once before." You do not check your private messages, I'd assume, but I did ask this of you privately. Please tell me how I could accomplish this, please. All I need is a small lead or, if possible, a sample of code that would suit my needs.

    This is my post which you responed to:

    Thanks for your time (assuming you will even read this). And I apologize for any inconvenience or for me being selfish.

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    oh im sorry i didnt check my PVT msg's... this is my vacation time ... ugh yup...

    ok let me look at that code, i will today , as soon as i get home....
    then ill give you a sample prog / functions to meet your needs...

    sorry i didnt notice my pvt msg's...
    LB0: * Life once school is done
    LB1: N <- WakeUp;
    LB2: N <- C++_Code;
    LB3: N >= Tired : N <- Sleep;
    LB4: JMP*-3;

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    Not a problem, just glad I got in touch with you again. Thanks muchly.

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