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    I need again function

    hey if any1 wuld mind could some1 write an again statement for me ill ....... im creating a basic program that will add subtract ect and i need to know hw to do the again function so if u lets say do the dividing after it would ask u if u wanted to do it again and it would go back to the push d to divid ect
    here is my program so far
    __________________________________________________ __
    #include <iostream.h>
    int main ()
    char c;
    int x,y,z;
    cout << " -------" << endl;
    cout << " Welcome" << endl;
    cout << " -------" << endl;
    cout << "Push q if u would like to square, d to divide, s to subtract, a to add, and m to multiply"<< endl;
    cin >> c;

    if((c == 'q')||(c == 'Q'))

    cout << "\nEnter a number: ";
    cin >> x;
    y = x * x;
    cout << x << " squared is "<< y << endl;
    if ((c == 'd')||(c == 'D'))
    cout << "\nEnter a dividend: "
    cin >>

    return 0;
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    Just put the things you want to repeat in a while loop.
    while( !bDone ) // Equivalent to bDone == false
         // Statements....
         // ....
    Add something in your menu to check to see if the person wants to stop. Then set your boolean variable bDone to true and the program will stop looping. I think that answers your question.

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