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    Redefinition Error

    //#include "TimerType.h" /* Class Redefinition Error */
    #include "ServerList.h"
    #include "CustomerList.h"

    Ok, I have a redefinition error for the class TimerType which is in the header file TimerType.h

    I have TimerType.h included in both ServerList.h and CustomerList.h

    I need to have both of those header files seperate, and have Timer.h included in there. So I need to know how I can incoparate the above headers into my main file without having this error.

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    in "TimerType.h" put some #define in there to mark the inclusion of that file, ie:
    #define _TIMERTYPE_H_
    then enclose your header file in a #ifndef statement:
    #ifndef _TIMERTYPE_H_
    #define _TIMERTYPE_H_
    #define A 3
    #define TAY HAMMER
    #define YOU ME
    #define THREE 4
    #define AND_IM FINISHED

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