Thread: How do i start software developnent

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    How do i start software developnent

    I'm studying robotics and I've applied for a placement where software development is preferable. How can I start it but gear it towards robotics if that makes sense


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    One good thing to do would be some online research about the technologies that go into robotics, from engineering to manufacturing to writing the software that helps control them once fully assembled.

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    Ask which version control system they use or if asking is out; I would suggest learning at least one version control system if you wish to do software developnent.

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    Also, find out what technology they will be using (hardware, devices, platforms, etc) and start looking into the details of each.

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    If I'm understanding you right, these are two different goals: trying to prepare for the job you applied to, and perusing your interests in robotics.

    To prepare for the job you applied to, as others have said, ask what technologies they use and start to learn them in and out.

    To pursue robotics, you're gonna want to look at micro-controllers. Find one you like and buy a development board. If you're looking to work in C++, make sure the manufacturer provides a c++ compiler. Buy some servos that use a protocol the micro-controler supports, and build something out of it all. Having formal education is helpful here, which you'll get if you're studying robotics, but you can get a jump start on it.
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