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    Quick Question Regarding Pointers

    OK i've just got a quick question regarding pointers using new and delete operators. I tried to look it up in one book and several sites so far, but haven't really found an answer to this...

    If i dynamically allocate memory using new, when my program exits will that memory be freed automatically by the operating system?

    Perhaps an example would help...

    int main() {
         int * num;
         num = new int;
         *num = 5;
         cout << "Value of number is: " << *num << endl;
         return 0;
    (This isn't my real situation hehe)
    Anyway, in the above, would the memory 'num' is pointing to be freed upon termination of my program? Or would it create a memory leak where no application can access that memory???

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    It depends on the operating system. It's better to make sure you delete your allocated memory.
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    What about windows?

    Well if it depends on the operating system (which i shouldve thought of before.. =x), do you (or anyone else) know specifically the behavior of windows in this kind of situation??

    I guess this should've been on Windows board, but i was thinking its more of a general c++ question when i first posted.

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    I believe Windows releases the memory your application has allocated when it closes. However, other resources may not be released so it is a good idea to always explicitly release what you have allocated. For a more in-depth discussion on this subject, see Is it a memory leak.
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    Thanks for all your help guys. I guess i was a bit ambiguous. I'm just trying to make a set of classes that make windows development a bit easier (i know there are many out there but i find it a lot more educational to write my own =)). Basically, this is what a program would look like:

    Window * Form1;
         Form1 = new Window;
    I can't call delete on the pointer right after i show because it hasnt entered the message loop yet. Cleaning up the acutal components isn't an issue, since i have all that code in my destructors. After reading your replies and the posts on the link you gave me, i think i should be ok since my class destructor should at least be called, right?

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