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    book recommendation

    Hey, I've been programming in c++ for a while but am looking to take it a few steps further. I currently just program with the dos console. I am looking to learn visual c++ and eventually opengl or direct x. Does anyone know of some good books on these subjects. I've been looking around but figured i'd ask the opinions of some who have been there. Thanks in advance.

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    I can't suggest any books but you can find a great range in
    search for something like "programming", without the quotes.
    anyway, FYI, I started out with Programming Windows (4th Edition) by Charles Petzold. I recommend learning API first, then MFC is optional but useful at times (when you get lazy a bit).
    did this help?
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    If you want to move into DirectX eventually you need to learn Win32. Sunlights site has some good tutorials. Also, the Prima book series editted by Andre Lamothe is really good. The one I've got (Iso Game Dev. with Dx7) is where I learned Win32 and DirectX.

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