Thread: [Error] no match for 'operator<' in '(& st

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    [Error] no match for 'operator<' in '(& st

    Good evening!
    What a mistake that then?

    ...Я чомусь її сам не бачу
    ... For some reason I do not see it myself

    class Integer2
        int value;
        Integer2(int i): value(i) 
        Integer2& operator=(const Integer2& right) {
            //проверка на самоприсваивание
            if (this == &right) {
                return *this;
            value = right.value;
            return *this;
        void Print(    )
            std::cout<<"value  "<< value<std::endl;
    int main(){
        Integer2 ob1(10),ob2(35);
        ob1 Print(); ob2 Print();
        ob1= ob2 ;
        ob1 Print; ob2 Print;
    return 0;    
    84 40 C:\T\Perevantazh.cpp [Error] no match for 'operator<' in '(& std:perator<< <std::char_traits<char> >((* & std::cout), ((const char*)"value ")))->std::basic_ostream<_CharT, _Traits>:perator<< <char, std:

    I do not know, maybe I was misled, or do not see that something simple, but I do not understand what the compiler says. I do not understand the error, and not think at all.

    Oh, it is written with a point. I'm sure all misled. As I write this? Wow.
    Now I must correct myself.

    void Print( &nbsp
    std::cout<<"value "<< value<std::endl;

    It is this feature really, still has an error which I can not fix myself.

    Oh, wow! Everything has now happened all fixed, that is all very well now. All right!

    I wish to all, many winter holidays, which are already very close, celebrate well, a lot of joy and fun that would be very, good and different! Cheerful mood and happy holidays!
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           std::cout<<"value  "<< value < std::endl;
    Should be

          std::cout<<"value  "<< value << std::endl;
    Also, I note another error in main. When calling a member on an instance of a class you do


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