Thread: Does vaprintf support %s??

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    Does vaprintf support %s??

    When I use vaprintf in a text print function that has the multiple argument thing, and I use %s in the input text, with it's respective char string, it doesn't work(the print function doesn't display it). I have had this problem before, but now I actually care. So does vaprintf support %s or do I have to use something else? Thanks alot!

    Print(GLint x, GLint y, const char *string, ...)	// Where The Printing Happens
    char		text[256];
    	va_list		ap;										// Pointer To List Of Arguments
    	if (string == NULL)									// If There's No Text
    		return;											// Do Nothing
    	va_start(ap, string);									// Parses The String For Variables
    	    vsprintf(text, string, ap);						// And Converts Symbols To Actual Numbers
    //There's more to this I just edited it out
    //And I call it like:
    Print(100,100, "console: %s", console[CurrentLine].string);

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    Yes it does

    > Print(100,100, "console: %s", console[CurrentLine].string);
    - console[CurrentLine].string have a \0
    - is the combined result < 256 chars


    char text[256];

    Should be bigger for your use

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