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    Which language?


    I am a teacher of English as a foriegn language. I am interested in developing some programmes to help me test my students' language ability. This includes the testing of the listening skill. So I need to add sound files. What programming language(s) do I have to learn in order to develop such a programme?

    Thank you so much


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    Most languages can do that. C++ is always nice but since you just want to do a simple one VB might owkr though i have never tried it.

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    For things like that I would go with Visual Basic*shivers*. Easy to learn and fast to program.

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    You could do that with many languages but what you need to look into is APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). They are extensions to the basics of a programming language. Win32, DirectX, SDL, are all some good APIs to look into.
    If you plan to do the programming and are not a programmer, then I would suggest using a language like Visual Basic, probably the quickest and easiest for you.
    If you're a programmer, than go ahead and use Java, or use C++ with Win32 or DirectX, depending on how complicated things need to be.
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    Or buy one of the cheapo language apps.

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