Thread: Creating Linked List using inheritance or composition?

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    Creating Linked List using inheritance or composition?

    I know I can create a stack or queue from my base class of a linked list through composition or inheritance. My question is can I do this the other way around, I know most functions can be done, but I m particularly intrigued by removefromback since both stacks and queues remove from front. Would I have to create this function from scratch or is there a work around using inheritance or composition.

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    A linked list is neither a stack nor a queue, and I do not see why a linked list would have a stack or a queue, so this does not make sense to me.
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    I know, I'm talking about the use of its functions. A push function from stack could be used for insertatfront for a linked list etc... Am i making sense?

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    If you're asking if you can simulate a LL using a stack, the answer would be no (well not easily anyway).

    A LL supports insertion at any point in the list.

    I suppose you could fake random insertion by popping everything off one stack until you reach the insert point, put the new item in, then push everything back again.
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