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    Copy constructors........

    So I know the basics of copy constructors, I mean I know when they are called and whatnot, but could you show me an example of how you could take advantage of this and use the copy constructor for something? If I read this, I probably forgot and couldnt' find anythingn about it on my book, book is pretty huge and you're bound to forget some of these things, until you practice then a lot, or I am just plain dumb, either one.
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    HINT: copy constructor is called every time you "pass" something to a function, no matter if it is "by value" or "by reference" ...

    Actually what really happens is: whatever parameters you include in a call to a function they are copied onto a system stack... if you include a pointer "pass it" the copy constructor copies a pointer onto the stack and in case there's any "dynamic allocation" involved (declaration on the free store) you would have to overload the copy constructor to be able to copy all the "dynamically allocated" members one-by-one, instead of just the pointer and loosing all the remaining data........

    this was just a reference with a different look at the copy constructor.......


    hope this helps a bit......


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