Thread: Dillema: VC++6 or VC# for game developing

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    Dillema: VC++6 or VC# for game developing

    Im in a terrible dillema here. I am making a DX8 engine (in vb6, dont flame) but I will port it to another language, which I will continue developing the engine there. The two options I have are VC++6 or VC#. Along with the new language, i will go for directx9, coming out on october. I know dx9 will have native support for .NET, something DX8 didnt have and im wondering: Is it best to go for C# and directx9, or stick with VC++, of course directx9. What do you think?

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    Everything i've read about C# points to it being a bad language to write a game in. Personal experience with VC++ on the other hand, leads to to the conclusion that it is rather nice for this sort of thing.
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    Ive tried to work in c++, but i couldnt manage all the memory leaks. Also, i cant understand when to use the :: , the . or the ->
    Is there any article comparing those 2 languages for game dev?

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    Consider C# to be similar to java in it is an interpreted language. Although it is faster than java on Windows Machines becuase Microsoft has refused to natively support java on it's platforms leaving java at a speed disadvantage.

    C# is faster than java and reasonbly close in speed to C++ but C++ is still faster and more flexible for tweaking the code to boost performance.

    Secondly, you'll find much more help by writing in C++ than C# due to the immaturity of C#.

    Pick up a good book on C++ dev and you'll learn all about Object oriented programming and pointers which is where you'll learn how to use the '.', '->', and '::' symbols.

    Syntatically the languages are very similar so you'll have to learn these things anyhow.
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    I guess c++ is the way to go, right? Do know a good book to buy?

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    Pure C++ is the way to go if you want to create games with decent speed like FPS or RTS. If it's strategy or trading games, you might be better off with C#, because it's easier.

    >interpreted language.

    Which C# is not.

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    Im not creating a game, but an engine using dx8. I aim at making it available to make any type of games. Anyway, i think i will use c++ 7. Thanks a lot!

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