Thread: Stupid question: What does Debugger do?

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    Question Stupid question: What does Debugger do?

    I know I sound really stupid for saying this, but what does a debugger do? I know it has something to do with fixing errors in a program...but thats it.


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    Post Debuggers

    No need to feel stupid. You could only learn by asking questions.

    A debugger, generally, is a program that interrupts the processor while reading instructions and allows the user to view, step by step, each instruction before it runs. The debugger provided with C++, visual studio, or whatever it comes with will allow you to look at the instruction in the program that had an error. So any program in windows that has an error you can debug. There are many errors, so you will get a chance to see this... trust me. So it's basically almost comparable to the debugger in VB, you can go step by step in the code to see what is wrong, or if there was anything wrong.

    Hope this helps

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    i'd add that a debugger allows you to change your variables to anything you want, which helps if you have an unlikly if statment that you want to test.

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    Man I want to learn how to use a debugger but I haven't been able to learn how to dont' know where to start, anybody have any suggestions? I have MSVC++.. as well as some Borland debuggers for win32 DOS or some other stuff, I mean that's what it says, and I have yet to get any of them working.
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    Chulo i hear ya.. so far my debugging consists of cout<<"HERE"<<endl;

    i wish i can find a good toutourial on a debugger..

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    It debugs.

    Ever have a program crash on you? Thats a good time to learn how to use the debugger... step through the program and view your variables, you'll probably find where the logic error occoured. I was once looking for a tutorial on it, probably a few months ago... but since then I've made a few logic errors which have crashed my program, and with testing out the debugger, I found them. It's not as complicated as it looks.

    On a side note, I'd marry a debugger if I could.

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    are you just joshing around? maybe i'm not using it right then, but it didn't take me anytime at all to use msvc++'s

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