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    C++ libraries

    Is there a place that lists all of the built in functions for C++ libraries?

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    Post Libraries

    Well, for the windows operating system:

    I'd say that mostly any VB API site would be a good guide for library. Since VB is an easy language you can pretty much get a lot of easy information there. is a good site that lists windows API calls. is also an okay reference site, although it gradually gets worse. If you can find the function you're looking for it can be very helpful. Just click on "Advanced search" and only check off the Library. Elsewise you can try looking at the all header files. If you need a better explination I could post a screenshot of what I'm meaning. Just let me know.

    Hope that helps

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    I was looking for a list of the functions stored in the libraries like:


    This website lists many of the functions available, but I was wondering if their is a more comprehensive list for C++?

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    There's a C & C++ Reference here

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