Thread: Writing to a file and skipping line

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    Writing to a file and skipping line

    I know how to skip lines whiles reading from a file but I don't know how to skip during the writing. Can lines in a file be skipped while writing to them or would I need to rewrite exactly what I need in one go?
    UPDATE! As of 10/6/2014
    Just find the application file and double click it. Controls are (Arrow keys) (Z) (Z + arrow key) (Spacebar)
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    They won't be skipped so much as you decide not to write them somehow.

    This will print strings that are only decimal numbers, for example:
    for (string& elem : container) {
       std::string::iterator it = std::find_if(elem.begin(), elem.end(), [](char ch) { return !std::isdigit(ch); } );
       if (it == elem.end())

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    The only way you could do that is if you were writing to the file line by line, then you could check to see if any line contained no data and skip if so. If you are dumping a chuck of data to a file, you would need to reopen the file and parse through line by line to remove any empty lines, save the result and write back to the file again..

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